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Special Project

We are always excited when we have the opportunity to design and install metal roofing systems – namely standing seam metal roofs. It not only gives us an opportunity to work with our metal roofing partner K2 Metals in Lake Elsinore, California, but it also allows our team to further craft their metal working skills. This translates into a higher level of quality when applied to metal details and flashings on more conventional roofing systems including concrete tile, clay tile and asphalt shingle roofing systems.

Once our customer has chosen the style and color of panel that they like and that fits with their particular architectural theme, the panels are cut to length, on site, according to the design and measurements of the roof deck and then carefully fit and fastened into place.  Forming and cutting the metal panels on site and to the exact length needed, minimizes waste and any unnecessary seams resulting in a much cleaner and efficient roofing system.

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