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Roof Maintenance

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All roof protrusions including pipe flashings, solar and electronics stanchions and chimneys need to be inspected annually as they are subject to constant wind, water and ultraviolet erosion. Cracks in caulkings and flashing cements as well as improperly installed metal flashings can all lead to water damage inside your home or property.


Similarly, broken, sliding or missing roof tiles are not only unsightly, but lessen the roofs water shedding abilities. These can also be easy access points for unwanted rodents and insects. Displaced roof tiles can also allow for debris such as tree leaves and pine needles to get under the roof tiles, inhibiting the flow of water and aiding in the deterioration of the roofing underlayment and subsequent roof structure. Gutter clearing should also be performed annually.


Your annual roof inspection is a great time to get the facts about your roof and determine, if any, what maintenance or repairs need to be performed.

Looking beyond cosmetics? Want to get the most out of your roof through improved energy efficiency and safety?

Options about improving your current roofing system can also be addressed during the annual inspection. From proper attic ventilation to current code standards, Oney Roofing, Inc. will provide you with the solutions that you need to keep your roofing system performing properly.